Highlighting parts of the URL

I want to show you an example of something cool – highlighting parts of the URL, making them bold.

highlighting parts of the URL, making them bold

How can you make part of the URL bold?

The bold text is written using special characters that represent Latin letters. These characters, known as mathematical bold letters, are often used for stylistic or decorative purposes. While designed to appear bold, they can be difficult to read in some contexts, especially when the fonts or rendering systems do not support them properly.

Of course, the most important part of the example is why, even though we can do something, we should not… or how important it is to think of all possible aspects of our actions. 😊

In our particular case, if you pay more attention to the image above, you will see that a Chrome extension has been displayed, showing our error, and that our canonical URL is not encoded but displays the visual representation of these mathematical bold letters.

If your canonical URLs are not encoded correctly and display the visual representation of mathematical bold letters, it could lead to confusion for search engines and users alike. In this case, it would be advisable to ensure that canonical URLs are encoded properly to avoid any misinterpretation or errors by search engines and other systems processing the URLs.

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