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How to increase conversion when sharing job offers on social media

When sharing a link on social media, the platform pulls information from the associated meta tags – Open Graph Meta Tags.

To ensure your message stands out, consider incorporating visually appealing elements. These meta tags, such as title, description and image, help provide context and attract users’ attention, enhancing the visibility and engagement of the shared content.

You can find more information about the Open Graph Meta Tags in this informative Ahrefs article.

In this particular Technical SEO tip for recruitment companies, I’d like to draw your attention to one specific Open Graph Meta Tag: og:image and its importance for job details pages.

My suggestion is based on the fact that when someone looks for a job they are primarily interested in the location and details of the position rather than the source of the information.

Here you can see a screen shot of shared job position. The original link is from Indeed.

Job offer shared on social media - conversion increase with proper og:image

They have created a specially dedicated image for the client, which includes information about the site posting the job offer.

The Indeed job offer details page does not display an image. Instead, the information is stored within the hidden og:image tag.

Another interesting approach is to use the general header image along with the job offer title as the foundation for creating a dedicated job offer image.

Job offer og:image & conversion increase

In conclusion, if Open Graph Meta Tags are not already implemented on your job details pages, it’s recommended to do so.

Additionally, for improved social media engagement and conversion, consider creating dedicated images that represent the client, especially for significant ones, rather than emphasizing your company.

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